No matter what age a single person is, there are some specific social and cultural rules to take into account when they want to date someone in Greece. This article has some useful tips for foreigners keen on entering the Greek dating scene.

Family Rules

Family is the most sacred thing in Greece, and Greeks spend lots of time with their families. They are very close to all their relatives, and there are always plenty of relatives around. This can be hard for someone from Western Europe or the US to get used to. You might think you’re going back to chill out at their place after a nice date, when in reality, their whole loud extended family is at home waiting too. If you’re not fluent in Greek, it’s even worse, because even younger Greeks don’t always speak English.

Don’t fret if you’re a foreigner dating a Greek guy and this happens to you. Instead, remember that he wouldn’t take you home to meet his family if he wasn’t serious about you. Greek people can be a bit conservative, so it might take a bit longer to get the honor of meeting the family if you’re dating a Greek girl.

Try to Be Open-Minded and Accepting

Greeks speak their minds. They speak loudly, but this doesn’t mean they’re always arguing! They’d just rather get it out of the way instead of letting it stew. That said, if you’ve done something to upset your Greek girlfriend or boyfriend, they’ll let you know at once. This might put you off, but don’t let it show. Tell the person you appreciate their honesty.

Who Pays?

In Greece, whoever asked the other person out pays for the date, wherever it is that you two decide to go. Still, it might get awkward at the end of a date, so going Dutch is always an option. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, like if you’ve only chatted online previously, it’s OK to cover your part of the bill.

Building a Relationship

Greek people are family-oriented, proud of their cultures, and passionate. All of these factors will play a role in the Greek dating scene and in a relationship with a Greek person. It’ll be easier to build this relationship as long as you appreciate that there will be some cultural differences between you. If you’re a woman dating a Greek man, please know he should try to gain an understanding of your culture as well.