There’s more to Greece than Crete and Mykonos! Make sure you don’t miss these places the next time you go to Greece.

Lake Vouliagmeni

The strange name of this mysterious lake comes from vouliiazo, which translates as “submerge” in Greek. Lake Vouliagmeni is very close to the Greek capital, which is among our choices too. The lake was created when a powerful underwater spring caused a massive cave roof to cave in. Locals say the water heals because it’s fed from a thermal spring.


Milos Island was named after the Venus de Milo statue. While the statue is no longer on the island, its stunning atmosphere and vibe remain. A lot of locals come here for their honeymoons or just to relax. Imagine how amazing it is if even the locals still love it! Milos is a volcanic island, featuring a bevy of beautiful beaches courtesy of its unique geology, including the surreal, brilliantly white Sarakiniko.


The lively capital of Greece was the birthplace of democracy. With its 9 million plus population (the majority of Greeks live in Athens), it is a world in itself. That said, it’s probably best avoided in high season. If the time is right, you could spend your whole holiday here. However, if you only have a few days, take in the following sights: the ancient Agora, the Acropolis, and the National Archaeological Museum. You’ll be left with enough time to roam the colorful streets of the Monastiraki and Plaka quarters and the hilly area of Kolonaki.


Forget the touristy Crete and Rhodes and come to this heavenly island instead. Just like Crete, Corfu boasts a rich histories and a fascinating landscape. Its verdant vibe makes it unique – there is no greener island in the Aegean Sea. Its historical area is one of the most picture-perfect in the Mediterranean.

Karpathos Island

Yet another island on our list, but not to miss. Karpathos is neither the biggest nor the most popular of the Dodecanese Islands, and that’s precisely why it’s worth visiting. Admittedly, it can’t compete with Rhodes in terms of well-preserved medieval architecture, but you’re not a history fan, are you? No Greek island is as authentic as this one, and its beaches are spectacular.

Enjoy your visit to Greece regardless of the reason for it and have a nice time at these lovely destinations! One final tip – avoid coming here between June and August unless you have no issues with heat.